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Our principles

INTRAtrad is a Translation Agency set up in Zaragoza more than 20 years ago and providing linguistic services needed for personal and professional relationships. Over all this time, we have gained a huge wealth of experience translating all types of texts, and currently have a large workforce of professional and experienced translators, who always translate into their mother tongue and who focus on their specialist areas of knowledge. We work closely with them on a personal and fluid basis, which benefits the quality of our services, always backed by two main principles:

  • Adapting to the client.
  • Price and professionalism.

State-of-the-art technology applied to our activities help us translate effectively and professionally, and allow us to adapt to the demands of our clients.

We offer quality and speed with a SINGLE PRICE for the main combinations of European languages and competitive rates for the Slavic languages.

All documents and data provided to us are strictly confidential and remain the property of their owner. We will only hold copies of translated documents in our files if so requested by the client. Intratrad complies with the provisions of the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act - the Organic Law 15/1999.



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